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Maybe you’ve been frustrated because you haven’t been able to buy a home in today’s real estate market. I can assure you that you’re not alone. If you’ve been feeling that frustration, then a Lease Purchase just may be the solution that you’ve been waiting for. 


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Most frequent questions and answers

In the 1990’s, most economies in our country were thriving with good-paying jobs, and ‘Help Wanted’ signs were everywhere. Most credit restrictions were suited primarily for such good paying jobs. Behind the scene, corporations were busy sending good-paying jobs overseas to take advantage of the cheaper labor which increased their profits. It was called ‘outsourcing’ and corporations claimed it was good for the economy. Outsourcing accelerated to the point where huge numbers of Americans lost their good-paying jobs.

By 2005, while in a growing recession, Wall Street was busy introducing zero down loans with almost no credit restrictions, just to get whatever profit left in the pockets of the American worker while continuously supporting corporations that were busy sending the American workers’ jobs overseas.

2006 was the last year of the sub- prime loans.

In 2007, we entered the worst real estate market in the history of our country and most home buyers were denied a mortgage.

After the 2008 financial crash, which technically put us in a depression that we have yet to recover from, Wall Street increased the credit restriction so much that even most businesses couldn’t get a loan. Wall Street was bailed out and continues their fraudulent profits while Main Street is ignored.

In 2011 it’s the same story. We have yet to turn the page to a new chapter. Most Americans are still denied a mortgage and they are having to throw their hard-earned money away on rent— with no ownership. Imagine over the years, paying over ten thousand dollars to rent a place to call home knowing you don’t own anything, and in danger of being served a 30-day notice to vacate at any time after your lease is up.

Now, imagine paying over ten thousand dollars to lease a place to call home knowing that you own a legal, equitable position in the property that is highly recognized by mortgage lenders who will serve you tea and crumpets on a silver platter because you hold a Lease Option contract on the property.

This is the power of the Lease Purchase and this is why millions of Americans are excited about the power of the Lease Purchase to buy their homes

Bottom line, the power of the Lease Purchase legally puts the home renter into the position of being a home buyer. And now the home buyer becomes highly recognized by lenders as a “tenant/buyer” who holds a legal, equitable interest in the property during the term of the lease.

This question coincides with the most common statement from active home buyers’ which is “I can’t believe I was denied a home loan”.

In the past, after the financial markets crashed, banks dramatically increased their credit scores and decreased their debt to income ratio along with a list of other changes to get a loan. Credit Card holders saw their interest rates increase and credit limits decrease resulting in a higher debt to income ratio, which then resulted in a lower credit score. These new requirements to secure a home loan put millions of good credit buyers into the poor credit arena, overnight. Even most homeowners were and still are denied a loan to refinance on their home.

With millions of potential home buyers that had lost their jobs while experiencing the banks increased credit restrictions to secure the fallout from the financial crisis in 2008 and other fallouts to this day, the Lease Option is a solution to obtain homeownership in today’s market.

A Lease Purchase is a contract with a Tenant/Buyer in which he can lease a property for a certain time period with a monthly rent payment, and with more responsibilities than a renter. The “Option” is the agreed-upon price of the property that can be exercised by the buyer to purchase it at any time during the lease period.

Lease Options are commonly known as “Rent to Own” and “Lease Purchase”. In a Lease Option you are the Tenant/Buyer, and tenant/buyers have a legal, equitable position in the property which is highly recognized by lenders.

Tenant/Buyers are required to pay an Option Consideration (also known as the down payment) on the property which is non-refundable. Choosing to be a tenant/buyer in a Lease Option while working with a lender and utilizing our optional third-party credit repair program gives you an opportunity to eventually own a piece of the American Dream,

With a Lease Option contract, Tenant/Buyers have a legal, equitable interest in the property. This is why Tenant/Buyers have a “buyer mentality” and treat the home with an ownership mentality.

Some of the responsibilities of the Tenant/Buyers are to be liable for any repairs up to $1,000 per occurrence and maintain the home and property. Tenant/Buyers know their credit situation and work with an FHA or VA Lender of their choice with a plan for financial responsibilities and credit repair so they can exercise their option to purchase their new home any time during the lease period.

Tenant/Buyers pay the owner directly every month on or before the due date. There is no grace period. The Tenant/Buyer must show their lender consecutive on-time payments in order to help qualify for a mortgage.

As for the Tenant/Buyers that simply have a lower credit score due to derogatory information on their credit, we offer an attorney-based credit repair program available for them. In addition, we work with a reputable company that submits the tenant/buyers monthly lease payments to the Credit Bureau showing they have paid on time every month which helps to improve their credit.

Tenant/Buyers are responsible for keeping a record of any signed Contracts, Disclosures, and all receipts from the non-refundable option consideration and monthly lease payments. This is their case file to show their lender a history of financial responsibility to help secure a mortgage on the property.

It is much easier to qualify for a loan with the history of being a Tenant/Buyer in a Lease Purchase than the history of being a renter in a lease.

During the time of the Lease, on your way to becoming an “A-credit” buyer, you can choose your own colors to paint, or to remodel or update the property.

The monthly rent payment during the term of the Lease is locked in and can not be increased.

The Option Price is locked in and can’t be increased during the lease term, which gives you a position to build equity.

The Option to buy is exclusive which means the seller can’t sell the property during the term of the Lease Purchase.

Tenant/Buyers win by getting to own a home in a shorter amount of time than it would take them if they were trying to buy conventionally.

Tenant/Buyers are able to immediately occupy their new home while qualifying for a loan.

Rent Credit is offered when there is equity in the property. The amount of Rent Credit is determined by how much the owner is willing to give up in equity to give the financially responsible tenant/buyers a larger equity position in the property.

Rent Credit can be a dollar amount or a percentage of the monthly lease payments.

When monthly lease payments are paid on time, the monthly Rent Credit is deducted from the Option price.

The house isn’t just for rent. It is for sale in its current “as is” condition utilizing the terms of a Lease Purchase Contract..

NO! We are not Real Estate Agents and we don’t make commissions. We are Private Real Estate Investors who structure deals with sellers, then contract the terms with them so that we can legally advertise and sell our legal equitable interest in the deal to you.

Our profit comes from your non-refundable option consideration for the Lease Purchase. The amount varies per property and is 100% deducted from the Option price. Most lenders will credit 100% of the option consideration towards the down payment for the mortgage.

We are not licensed Real Estate Agents, and therefore do not offer a service for profit. We are simply buyers who contract with sellers then sell our legal, equitable interest in the Contract to you for a profit. You can fill out the buyer form and we will notify you of our current contracted deals.
Either the owner can drop the price to the current appraised value of the property, or he can extend the lease to the Tenant/Buyer.
Fill out the VIP Buyers List completely and click “Submit”.