About Lease Purchase Home Buyers

Lease Purchase Real Estate Experts
We are a independent group of Real Estate Investors that specialize in buying and selling investment property in today’s changing real estate market.

We are specialists in finding ways to help you so that you can move forward to better opportunities.

There are never any fees or costs of any kind to you, and we pay for the marketing.


What differentiates us from others?

Simple. We are experts at navigating the problem-credit buyer market, which is where all the buyers are in this current market.

About Chuck Fowler

Chuck Fowler discovered his entrepreneurial spirit for success at the age of nine, starting with odd jobs around the neighborhood.   He worked over 20 years in the Construction, Landscape and Restaurant industries in Ohio and Florida.  He has been a Private Real Estate Investor for over ten years.

Utilizing his true passions in life and relentless energy for achievements in the real estate industry, he continues to evolve into one of the top Private Real Estate Investors, Authors, Teachers and Coaches.

Chuck Fowler was a top Real Estate Agent in 2006.  In 2007, after the Real Estate Market crashed, his long-time Brokers and well-respected Realty Franchise went out of business. So, he transferred to another broker. When Chuck introduced a method to his new broker of a legal and innovative solution to help sellers and buyers unite, the broker told him, “Not interested and good luck to you.”   

Chuck realized that thousands of sellers are simply denied learning about the latest and best solutions to sell their homes because of the politics in the realty arena. Soon after, Chuck resigned his legal position as a Special Agent and returned to being a Private Real Estate Investor.